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Thursday, January 15, 2004

"cocktail table"

(extract from 'The medium of the video game', Mark J. P. Wolf, 2001, pg. 24 )

'The "cocktail" console is designed like a small table, with the screen facing upward through a glass tabletop. Often the game is designed for two players, and there are sets of controls on both ends of the table, with the screen between them. This kind of console is popular in bars or restaurants where patrons can sit and play a video game while setting their drinks on the tabletop (hence the name "cocktail"). Two-player games in cocktail consoles often are designed so that the screen can be viewed from either side, and usully contain games with an overhead view of a playing field (for example, a football game which is viewed from above) so that neither player has an upside down view.'

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