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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

texas, texas

the light is so + so; yellow; you can't actually tell if the night is about to fall (and lets hope it want hurt itself falling from that height) or it is about to dawn / down - maybe the night is about to fall dawn;

"what are you thinking" she asked, while the prostitute at the back room of the shop was just shouting (opws tin selinniasmeni) "can someone explain to me what is fucking post-modernism" - me tin fwtografia tou vasillia kwnstantinou pisw apo to tameio kai tin mirwdia tou tiganitou / tianismenou fish&chips - the tables are nice in here - formica - and you could hear at once, everything, her asking me, the frying of fish&chips, the radio, the TV with the noise intervals "sh shhh shiou sh", the jukebox in between two songs, the neon light blinking outside, the old woman washing the dishes, the prostitute shouting, the wind - and then, I just realised, I couldn't say I wasn't thinking of anything, I couldn't, I had to think of something to say, and then I just realised that I was thinking what I might say when asked "what are you thinking", and I told her, that's what I'm thinking, trying to find a good answer, at least I was honest, like the junkie the other day, "can you spare some change please, I want to buy marijuanna, at least I am honest" - and then, only then however, only after, or later, but always sooner or later you realise - you get what the french call "esprit d' escalier" as Chuck Palahniuk says in "Guts":

"(...) say you are at a party and someone insults you.
you have to say something
so under pressure, with everybody watchin, you say something lame.
But the moment you leave the party?
As you start down the stairway, then - magic. You come up with the perfect
thing you should've said.
The perfect crippling put-down
That's the Spirit of the Stairway

and this will always be happening, and you will always realise afterwars, always later -
so you take your feet / pianneis ta podkia sou

one-way to paris :

tomorrow n.v.
(dimitri / jester etc. - christo, xopaska)

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