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Monday, January 26, 2004


crapulent (KRAP-yuh-luhnt) adjective

Sick from excessive drinking or eating.

[From Late Latin crapulentus (very drunk), from Latin crapula (drunkenness),
from Greek kraipal (hangover, drunkenness).]

"A doctor examining one of his more crapulent patients said to him,
'Your body is a temple and your congregation is too large.'"
Dale Turner; Guarding Our Health Lets Us Better Serve in Role God
Intended; The Seattle Times; Apr 26, 2003.

"1975: Ever in search of new dining experiences, Vancouverites get
crapulent on goblets of beer and fat drumsticks at the Mediaeval Inn."
Liz Hodgson; The Curve Theme Restaurants; Vancouver Sun (Canada);
Feb 26, 2000.

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telika o "Bumby" den etrwen freedom fries alla ixen mian kori pou xtipousen ennesis. "ruth: I was a model before I went away." (pg 92, pros pliroforias tou max).

kai afou gemizoumen ton topo me lesbies,

Beauty is fate. They gaped
as her bones danced
in a golden dress in the arms
of her wooden prince, gawped

as she posed alone
in front of the Taj Mahal,
betrayed, beautifully pale.
The cameras gibbered away.

Act like a fucking princess -
how they loved her,
the men from the press -
Give us a smile, cunt.

And her blue eyes widened
to take it all in: the flashbulbs,
the half-mast flags, the acres of flowers,
History's stinking breath in her face.

- "Beautiful" Carol Ann Duffy

akoma ena folder sas parakalw, Claritas yia na vriskoumen ton theo/tin thea/tous theous.

goonight lou.

alex-man andra-glis

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