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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Reformulating the Political 0r I Myrwdia twn Lexewn


Δι' ευχών των Aγίων

Στον γνωστό κανόνα: «Όταν ένας πολιτισμός διαισθάνεται ότι πλησιάζει το τέλος του, φωνάζει τον παπά», ο Καραμανλής κάνει την εξαίρεση: τον φωνάζει στην αρχή του.

ΤΑ ΝΕΑ , 24-03-2004  , Σελ.: N09

[nomizw oti molis twra prepei na teliwnei to lecture tou Veltsou stin Panteion - e gianni?

Gia tous endiaferomenous as parathesw edw ena sholio apo to 1981, apo ton K. Karamanli -really who?- while still in office: "The nation and Orthodoxy…have become in the Greek conscience virtually synonymous concepts, which together constitute our Helleno-Christian civilization."
Den nomizee pws irthe i stigmi -especially all of you 'action' people- gia na epanaihnilatisoume to dedomeno (des: given) 'Cyprus', pou ehoume dektei ws enarxi kai epitagi twn praxewn mas - enw systimatika den paveia apo to na einai mia en exelixei ana-dia-typwsi enos 'titlou idioktisias', enos 'kotsianou', me idioktiti kai pwliti na ehoun ex arhis diaktynisetei sto yperperan, ohi hwris tin aparaititi 'ypo-grafi'- prihou dektoume, zitisoume, 'fwnaxoume' ton papa/daddy/father of the logos. Do Not Forget: the embodiment of the situation that looms threataning the already unstable Greek State, has already been presented to Cyprus from 1951, from 1959, from 1963, from 1971, from 1977, embodied within a singular body, whose only infiltration, whose only supplementarity can be found in that red and white packet of 'Craven-A' cigarettes. Oui, Makarios. Etsi, following from the Beltsisto remark: has then 'Cyprus' been already that exception to the rule by already having been disapeared as a state, a culture, a geopolitical ensemble, before the words were found to describe it? After all we have called the papas not at the arche, but when yet still, in a pre-gestural level. With the demarkation of an X - which marks the spot- in the 1951 referendum, at least.....] 

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