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Monday, March 08, 2004

The Waist Line

"...Sivylla ti theleis; respondebat illa:Diaita thelw."

For Christos (Underground)
il miglior Ombionius Divisionakia

The Ressurection Cometh

April is the cruelest month, especially when Lent coincides with it
Breeding and Mixing Nuts and Pulses
Dull Roots with spring onions
Nerovrasta - No cheese
And I am not saying I do not like it
But when summer comes
We will be going to Paradise, Marie
Esy pashia pas tin motora
Marie, Hold on tight
Pas tis strofes tou Pomou
In the mountains, there you feel free
Jai en na famame psari fresko jai Imam tou Sokrati
Kotopoulo me guinnes
Where the giakynthei (sic)
Your arms full, and your hair wet
And I neither
Living nor Dead
Loking at our waist lines, and the silence
Fear death by water
Tha to voutisoume arages sou to piskotaki
FrouFrou, Bacandies, Papadopoulou, iON Sokofreta,
(Panta me Durex):
One must be so careful these days

Unreal City
Inder the broen fog of winter lunchtimes
A crowd flowed into Sainsbury's and MacDonald's and various other Sandwich shops, so many
And each man fixed his eyes before his feet
At the queue to the till
Staring that King of Kings of the Street
(Ton Kwlo!)

You who were with me during various feasts
I have the photos to proove it
That pig you left last year in your garden
Has it grown to size? Will we roast it this yera?
Or are we opting for those lovely shiny grey and green fishes
Dynamitised Out Again!
(Afou re to sheri sou en kommeno - Pws ekopike, a? En pou dynamiti re!
You! Hypocrite!)
My likenes My brother!

A Glass of Sherry

The stool we sat on, that magnificent throne,
Sticky and Stinking, Where the Glasses
Held up filled with fruited wines, barley distilled, and cactus extracts
From which Cuervo Gold is produced
(Allo ena me mia feta portokali jai pago)
Doubled flames na kain tis flegomenes nyhtes mas
Tis Olofotes Skotinies mas sta trapezakia tis avlis stin Division opou
The glitter of her jewels rose to meet us,
From underneath satin cases poured in rich profusion;
Unstoppered, Oh her strange synthetic and natural perfumes
and we troubled, confused
and drunk,more drunk by her odours, kai t' agiazi
Ki oneirevomaste lignes nyhtes sto fws ton kairion
Prin katantisoume eripia
Elefantes Astray
Rogue Elephantes
Fwkies tis Xiras
Filling the desert with inviolable voice
Jug after Jug "to absent friends"
(to absent years)
And other withered stumps of time
Hushing in rooms enclosed
Spreading sideways mainly
Overflowing once empty troussers
All by ourselves.

A ta nevra mou! Ta nevra mou!
'Steile mou ta apo melani opiouha sou'
Na xerw ti skeftese, Na hortaso tin skepsi sou. Skepsi!

Mba! Den ein' ta kokala mou hontra -Apla eimai pashis!
'What is that noise?'
Ego jai shifko na diso ta kordonia mou
'What is that noise now? Pale esy?'
E, prepei na gyro pas ton toiho jai na valo to podi mou se touton to vitzin, na to anapso gia na anevasei to podi mou psila jai meta me touta ta extensions na diso ta papoutsia mou - theloun lion lathkiasma ta exartimata jai gia touto katsiarizei etsi polla - Sorry!

I remember, yes! those pearls that were her eyes!
And hers, And hers, And hers
And what if I am alive or dead!

Akoma ena potiraki sherry?
Allo ena - Pi en 5 i wra, pamen na pesoume
Katse re pou tha paeis etsi wra!


den fwnazoun etsi sta agapimena mou Bar

E, dinw ta papoutsia mou!

Goooooooooood! Goooooooooood!

(epetai syneheia)

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