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Monday, April 26, 2004

Radical Acts

While the Cypriot F.M. states, on BBC Radio 4, that he had other 'important engagements' during the last referendum campaign, that in effect he was 'too busy' 'for the sake of the Cypriot people', and that is why he did not campaign for the endorsement of a 'yes' vote, in a last attempt not to proclaim his political incapacity, his diplomatic stupidity and his lack of any rigid argument in why he followed his president Ta(t)SSos 'poulos and his phobic master James (call me Thomas the Non-Believer) Christ-I-made-it-to-the-chair; I AM NOT LEAVING NOW, and with 'poulos, according to AP and as reported on www.bbc.co.uk/news, threatening a 'veto' even before he enters the EU (!!!!) to any measure that directly or indirectly recognises a Turkish/Cypriot 'state' [something not even the T/C do not want - although they are not less opportunistic than the tourist-based Paphos 85%+ of 'No' voters], evident of his 'ego papas ego tatas' style of nationalism (I refuse to credit him with political insight to ideological frameworks - the above quote speaks beyond the lines of itself) the lonely yet noisy expedition in live-lo-graphemes has always, already been enunciated.
Until the whole political spectrum of Cyprus gets a nervous breakdown, or decide to sue me (the legal secretaries of the state or of private firms can contact me via demetris_taliotis@yahoo.com), or simply gets bombarded with eggs and food waste on every public appearance untill they realise that they are stinking rotten [you read it here first - I give you 6 months before the first mass eggs&cream-cake attck takes place, and I am a pessimist by nature!] I will exercise my right in cultural terrorism. Dialogue at the moment is nothing but a moronic concession to FASCISM and its Modus Operandi (aka Media, Legalistic and Technocratic a prioris and pure and simple inarticulation - imagine a dialogue with Giorgos Iakovou and 'Poulos as the representatives of the Cypriot goverment. No wonder the Swiss Dialogues of April 2004 failed!)

lehozouthkia apsa*

MBOUKA TatSSo! Skase! Oi! Na men peis tipote!

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