A kind of a "dangerous supplement", marked, scarred on a body, post-orgasmically, always, already in anticipation of (a) crisis OR for a desert avec 'agape'. Mindb(l)ogg(l)ing Noise. "Avalanche, would you share my last pursuit?" (Baudelaire)

Monday, October 04, 2004


Teaandsoupand whiskey
some cheese
maybe - when am wait
ing for your nonapear
ance i spend
shit lots
though is it a waste) they woke me up this morning
practicaly though i was not asleep 06:00.
on(in)@ t
he we
b like we lear
ed to do. txts+emails+blogs(kali wra!)
ing to the o
ther theirs and mine sp
aces i'm glad you stood in my way ma
mou peire hronia na katalavw
ki akoma to palevw to gamimeno kai lew psemata stin giagia mou
- the houses and the areas and the streets and the
bars (pubs they call them down
sarf- the hedonism of a far away wildrenss
found not anymore outside
/yes i know that/ thus splashed within with
go ahead pick a colour:The Uncertainty of the Poet
I am a poet.
I am very fond of bananas.
I am bananas.
I am very fond of a poet.
I am a poet of bananas.
I am very fond.
A fond poet of 'I am, I am'-
Very bananas.
Fond of 'Am I bananas?
Am I?'-a very poet.
Bananas of a poet!
Am I fond? Am I very?
Poet bananas! I am.
I am fond of a 'very.'
I am of very fond bananas.
Am I a poet?

Wendy Cope
lalei jai i woolf allo to prasino sti fysi ki allo stin
ki etsi anevenw lofous kia pernw sidirodromikes grammes kai kateveno stin plateia kai pernw to treno apo tin platforma 4 i tin platforma 1 kai to leoforeio 329 (spania)
// fovame agapi mou akoma kai na to grapsw gia touto kai x
zw to stis chorolexeis. Anti sta (here
comes again)
sta m /gl-ing:|| des telika to graphe
me to
ati()a sou.

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