A kind of a "dangerous supplement", marked, scarred on a body, post-orgasmically, always, already in anticipation of (a) crisis OR for a desert avec 'agape'. Mindb(l)ogg(l)ing Noise. "Avalanche, would you share my last pursuit?" (Baudelaire)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

for things (not) already (not) mentioned:

-que voulez-vous?
-I beg your pardon?
-que voulez-vous?
-Ah que voulez-vous. Exactly.

la parole volee- speech is always stolen, always stolen because always open, we: potential(ly) chaotic, organic, eventual - always in-dividual en-divided - beings (shift + B) for Beings.
kipros nisos methis, alexandra oi radiohead pezoun to creep live (cf. November 27th 2003, Earls Court, London) je kathw to pezoun pisw ana-grafei 'FOREVER' je meta ksana sto telos tis sinavlias ks-ana-grafei to.
beckett, schlegel, fichte, schleirmacher (jester), t.s. t.s. t.s. ennen gia lloou mas -
dem+al en-joy (new) division

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