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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Thene again there's notthink alike tshea.

Relax in the cultural arts // Random acts of meaningless joy

And will you, friends, say that I sing
in ignorance, that I know nothing, yet sing? [1]
...heavy in mood to brood that I alone
work for that crowd-no furlough allowed,
longing for home,
fearing the price.[1.1]
I sterisi tou allou simainei eglismo se mia monaxia (kaki monaxia statherotitas kai autotautisis) kai katargisi tis ithikis ypervasis. [2]
To lack and pretend to have, to be empty and pretend to be full, to be tight and pretend to be liberal: hard to attain consistency.[1.2]
They had heard or had heard said or had heard said written.[3]
Sta protoselida tou erwta
O thanatos autwn pou zisan gia tin tehni /
Tin tehni tou eran [4]
Arage tha synantithoume;
I gia vlastimia i gia fili. [4.1]
The wise drink and hold their wine, but topers say
that to be drunk is to be rich for a day.
Yield men, all men, this advice:
Heaven speaks once and never twice.[1.3]
To be happy is to be able to become aware of oneself without fright.[5]
...after her, who as an engineer, cut it through the author. [5.1]
Don't forget that poetry is language for its own sake.
Don't forget when different words are sanctioned, other attitudes required.[6]

[1]Pound [2]Derrida [3]Joyce [4]Skourtis [5]Benjamin [6]Kane

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