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Sunday, September 10, 2006

frozen sundays avec soutzoukakia palyria

Last night I accidentally kicked the moon, but it was not full thus it did not roll or spill - Fellini was not a lunatic, no traces of foam off his mouth, when shooting the moon, when listening to it (1990) (Benigni perhaps is), or even Alan Parker that same year he built the wall shot the moon down as well (1982)
walking down Helsinkinkatu - there are no aliens here, no street, road, place, mews, crescent, avenue, rise, lane, way, grove, park, gardens, alley, arch, path, walk, broadway, promenade, gate, terrace, vale, view or hill, no aliens like George Mikes' 'How to become an alien' (acquired: sept. 2002, on departure by D.) - simply katu (AKA kantouni) or tie - formalism cast concrete resembling the monument To the Conquerors of Space outside the VDNKh in Moscow / pink was faint back then, 'pink is better than black. but the two harmonize', that makes grey, good-grey
back: epias to paplwma sou re nikolaki? Tziai to paplwma, tziai mia lemonada, tziai ena dekaliro me 2 tappous tis pennas – mia ountzia me t’antera. Ma irte, irte, irte? Pios empou irte? Oi mono irte alla tz’ iirten – aise perkei mou rapsei kanena poukamiso.
“you have reached the page on which this book’s previous owner decided to give up” (cabinet magazine), yet, Ulysses (with verted and inverted commas) is unfinished, not on long benches (wrong places avec wrong people, Dublin), not standing upright on the periphery of museums (Berlin), not in the 'city of museums' (quoting CYPRUS AIRWAYS video clip upon landing onto LCA - 35°09´35"N, 033°29´18"E, Elevation 123m (403ft) - referring to Nicosia, despite that they only mention one)
(“aigia kotsini pou paeis” arthografei me maestria o S. Kossiaris se mia analisei ton parallilwn viwn maxla kai trattou)
to back: from Helsinki with a duvet and a certificate for roll (Kilaidonis), at last I found a descent coffee blend.

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