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Friday, September 29, 2006

Grace and Appetite
(je har' stin oreksi)

Ali in an Art Gallery looking at Paintings...
Ali : Who be dis cheeky lickle lady?
Guide : It's a friend of Van Gough
Ali : She look like she just been having??
Guide : She doesn't look very happy.
Ali : Perhaps she just been taken up the wrong 'en or something?

Ali in the Royal opera house...
Ali : Look at dis. It's the royal opera 'ouse. Don't it look rubbish? That's why they is spending 25 billion squid to try to make it look like the John Nike Leisure centre in Bracknell.
Ali : Why is it that so many of the singers 'ere are so terribly fat?
Guide : They're not all fat.
Ali : Is it because of the discrimination that you is letting all of the fatties in?
Ali : What is the acoustic like in 'ere.
Guide : It's brilliant.
Ali : Wicked.
Guide : Try it.
Ali : So, if you wanna sample some culture you can spend fifty squid ona night out at the opera or me can get you a bag of skunk DIS BIG.


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