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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Μικρά Κείμενα

"I only read short books."
"But... but... the last five years of your research and publications have been on Negative Dialectics!"
"Ah... Yes... But N.D is really just a collection of short books."

These Germans are crazy...


Anonymous said...

When you start quoting Daniel shouldn't you also start considering working with Daniel? :)

alexandra said...

only you could know what the hell i was on about. and i am considering. almost, in fact, sold (o:

Anonymous said...

Thank god!! The good old days are back - academic slavery.

Anonymous said...

tell me about it

Demetris said...

As in Christiania Luminaris?
Anti na matheis pou ta lathi twn filwn sou...Ate twra!
At least though, there is the beer.

Anonymous said...



Demetris said...

E' sovaromilas!!!

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