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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Radio Mix without antennas

Dear Ombiouxoi kai loipei (tzi' es' edera)
Along side our blogs, vlogs, glompous, lellous kai veggous, audiovisual resources and hyperlingual kebabs, another of those "just visit for a while end up spending whole nights" website has come to my hands and made itself andy handy in the absence of the conventional signal receivers, regardless to having the cables, the skys and the kosiaris we lack the essentials - that being the monitors, the radios, and the cooking pans. Thus - following the wise advice of my Mathaios lunch companion Aris, well known for gadget speculations - and as the aftermath of insomnia, I hereby introduce you and you to it:
Pandora (to much greater demand following the Zorpa / Zoro fiasco / fresco). Please do not hesitate (or as the direct translation in Malev aircrafts has phrased it "Niwste aftopepithisi na epikoinwnisete me tis aerosinodous..") to simply add an entry (that being a singer / song / genre) and Pandora will open up creating a radio station following the given parameters. E, pale ivrame poskollio

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Arkises nakon....

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