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Friday, January 26, 2007

Requiem: Big Makarios, Sketch I

A 'pirate' radio station and a laptop is installed inside the top part [the kalimafchi] of the statue. Four helicopters are deployed to carry the statue. One performer is placed inside each helicopter equiped with pithkiavli, tamboucha and a score of three randomly selected bars of 'Tha paro mian aniforia'. The performers are recorded improvising variations of the score [either on the pithkiavli or on the tamboucha] along the way to throni. The four microphone outputs are processed by using a database with all of makarios' speeches to extract the amplitude of his voice and translate it to (1) pitch shifting for output from helicopter one (2) delay for output from helicopter two and (3) grain length selection and bit reduction for output from helicopter three. Makarios' speech is to be multiplied by the output from helicopter four. The transmission from the radio should be locally receivable for the croud(s) waiting with their portable radios to give their last farewell to Makarios again. Once the statue is enthroned, the live performance will stop and the recording of it will continue to be transmitted, looping through the modulating selections of makarios' speeches. The channel will be monitored and in the case of turkish interference it will automatically broadcast a loud sine tone and then all 4 of rik's channels [as inputs for modulation, rather than the 4 performers] together for three days, after which the ethnarchic voice will reassuringly state 'Ime zontanos' and continue the transmission of the requiem.

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