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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

trellos mathimatikos (+pellares): Friedrich Schlegel

it all started with this fragment:
'As is well known, Leibniz went to Spinoza to have his glasses made; and that’s the only contact he had with him or his philosophy. If only he has also ordered his eyes there, so that he might have gazed at least from a distance into that continent of philosophy that was unknown to him and where Spinoza has his home'
Athenaeum fragment 270

By the time he was fourty, writes Hans Eichner, 'according to Schlegel, the age Enoch reached was particularly significant, not merely because his life spanned as many years as the year has days, but because [as Schlegel himself said] ‘in the number of 365 years the number 33 is comprised as a root – a number which, in every respect, and in the most various application, is discovered to be the primary number of the earth. For, with the slight difference of a unit, the number of 365 years corresponds to the sum of 333 plus 33, while the number of days strictly comprised in those 365 years amounts to 4x33,000 plus 4x330’.

Friedrich Schlegel spent the evening of January 11 1829 with his old friend Ludwig Tieck. Around 11 PM he returned to his study to resume work on the tenth lecture of his Philosophie der Sprache. There, at his desk, and pen in hand – he had just commenced a sentence about that ‘entirely perfect and complete understanding’ – he suffered a stroke, and a few hours he died in the hands of his niece. His old enemies promptly circulated the rumour that he had choked to death on a dish of pate de foie gras.


Constantinos said...

Sanna tziai miazei tou antrikkou mas toutos o Schlegel etsi opws ton thorw se tounto skedio? Twra pou eipa antrikkos, einai kai meraklis

jester said...

ton Leibniz prepei na ton exiourizen kalogeros, men vlepis tin peroukkan oullin + o Kierkegaard pou epistefken oti enna pethani sta 33 + eppese llion exo pou tous ipologismous tou ('tha antimetopisi merika provlimata') troontas etsi kerato pou kapion Schlegel + i nekropsia je i politiki [o iraklitos je ta skata, o empedoklis je to ifestio, ktl] - oi iatrodikastes en ek ton proteron vouleftes = ego ipa to, eshi pollous

Demetris said...

Jai re antriko pou ta ehwnes touta oula, na men sou kamnei ta kollifa kapali-kapali? Akrivwsan ta rothkia reee!!!

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