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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Under the Volcano

In the past years you have been putting a lot of emphasis on pedagogy.

Yes, it's the core of our new political praxis. We even have a summer school in Oaxaca...

"...the zones [of silence] ... have a strong cultural production but do not host biennales, triennials or mega art fairs. In the zones of silence there exists an acute sense of isolation among artists and organisations, accompanied by a frustrating lack of communication with the region's multiple cultural scenes. This alienation from each other not only helps to maintain the negative dependency from the Western mirror to validate our own productions but also takes away the possibility of creating necessary networks of collaboration. I envisage stimulating new cartographies as a possible tool for the empowerment of creative communities outside of the established maps.

It is due to our internalised colonialism that the only opportunities to create our own cartographies ... are replaced by the emulation of mainstream models...."

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