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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a dilemma

19,000 a yr (income)
7 years (7? 7?)
somewhere in NJ

oh do not ask 'what is it?'
let us go and make our visit


Demetris said...

7? 7?
Ma 7?

So what?

Whoever assigned efficiency to research.....

alexandra said...

ρε εσσει 7 χρονια να μεινω καπου για παραπανω που 2 χρονια.
εννα πελλανω. τελος παντον. παω να επισκεφτω την φαση τζαι λαλω σου αν αξιζει 7.

Demetris said...


It will be a beckettian closure thought to your c.v. - mentioned academic presence.


Loxias said...

Rutgers is not 'somewhere' in NJ.

Go, by all means, go.

alexandra said...

@dem: pasxa

@loxias: have you been? even just merely passing through?

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