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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

harking back; or rewriting ombion

Είχαμεν μιαν συζήτηση παλιά… για πατάτες τζαι tseliot.

Εν τζαίρος, νομίζω, για συζητήσεις πάλε. Οϊ επέα πτερεοντα, οϊ καφέν ποτζεί ποδά, Monmouth ή coffeeway, αλλά δαμέ. In this space, to talk about one space overlapping another.

Have you read any good books lately? nonononono. λάθος, σόρρι.

I think I want tο talk about marginal writings, cryptographies, about text that pushes you out, or pulls you out, before dunking you back in. from a waste land like footnote, to a how to read a Howe poem. Margins, limits, borders, let the expulsion and propulsion of our multipersoned theory begin here, again. We always did like the here and now.Fie on post colonialism and gender studies (puh). Let’s talk about potatoes in the oven that are always (al)ready before the souvla.

Ούλλοι μας ξέρουμεν που μαγειρική. Θκιαλέξετε τα μπαχαρικά σας τζαι αρκέφκουμεν.


senso said...

To be honest I also love marginal potatoes in front of the souvla ;)

christos said...

re en kala pou laleis. pios thelei na milisoume (na milisete) gia adorno's aesthetic theory. en katalavw

Demetris said...

Oute egw.
Ate -

alexandra said...

enimporo, eklepsen mou to vivlio o arfos mou.

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