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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Requiem for Makarios: Sketch II (If fall you mast)

For choir and tunnel.

A procession of women from epitaph choirs throughout the island tied together in chains walk to the tunnel beneath the archbishop's palace [the one that leads to the Pankyprion]. Choosing an arbitrary pitch to begin with, they repeat 'Zei' [tempo ad lib between adagio and andante, fortissimo], transposing, at the end of each syllable, by choosing at the end of each syllable to either add to or subtract from the initial pitch, sequentially, 1, 9, 7 and 4 semi or quarter tones. The statue is thrown down in the direction of the tunnel. If the first attempt fails to punch a hole into the tunnel, the statue is to be raised and thrown down again, until it is successful or until its fragments exceed the current (at the time of the performance) number of soldiers present on the island. If it is successful, the women will be drawn upwards through the hole by war heros bearing arms. If not, the crowd gathered will carry the scattered remains of the statue in a procession (accompanied by the choir women who will emerge from the archbishop's palace) to the sea of Kerynia, where they will be scattered.

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senso said...

Jester, the instructions are perfect. This ritual is some kind of phallo-symbolism of statue and hole? Μπα, μπα …. If the phallus cannot fully penetrate it ought to be smashed into as many pieces as the number of soldiers a virile man should be or otherwise accept its death in the deep blue ocean? And all this connected to Makario’s requiem? Maybe my judgment is wrong but I really like the way you intertwine your thoughts. Yours truly, antipellos.

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