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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Why one should go shopping instead of shows

It's nice (without quotation marks) to say an object is nice (without quotation marks) whithout someone asking (quote, with the relevant finger movement, either the index and the middle finger together, or only the index, depending on which school of thought you are coming from - back slash - going to) "why" (in italics - unquote)
+ Have you heart the news? There is actually good (without quotation marks) art and bad (without quotation marks) art. And no, no, no, that is not about subjectivity - that old post-structuralist open-text - back slash - open-field -back slash - open-interpredation - back slash - fluidity back slash - the death of authors, their ressurection and so on and so forth joke is no joke anymore after it has been uttered for forty-so years (yes, I know, we all have a reply to this, we have all read (quote) Difference and Repetition (unquote). No, no, no, here when I say good (without quotation marks) I mean good in the object. But don't ask me, ask it.
*Berlin is not such a bad (without quotation marks) city, after all. I mean for shopping. As for art - ASTON KLASTON COMPANY LIMITED (pardon)

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