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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ex-cuse me mi(si-ni)ster Eagle-ton

'...Even so, this hardly excuses a prominent literary theorist perpetrating a sentence like 'The in-choate in-fant ab-original para-subject cannot be theorized as functionally completely frozen in a world where teleology is schematized into geo-graphy.' In infant school, breaking up words with hyphens was a way of understanding them better; here, it is a silly affectation which has the opposite effect...People who write like this are not even interested in being understood'
Terry Eagleton, After Theory, pp. 76-7


Demetris said...

A-ka mo-u ti-n li-on.

Ma e-kata
di ?

chris said...

Σωστός ο Terry...sorry guys but he's right!

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