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Monday, March 05, 2007

Notes on 1712*: "You talkin' to me?"

For Senso

Ultimately, artworks are enigmatic in terms not of their composition but of their truth content.
Theodor W. Adorno, "Aesthetic Theory"

One always, repeatedly, starts with a question. Where can the spatial analogy of renovation / ανακαινηση fit in a specific act of mastrubation? What is exactly being or attempted to be made anew in this short-lived repetitve act? Between abjection and fullfilment, the question too carries itself an onanistic aesthetic. Disregarding the repetitivly used cultural referents of (the) writting, here comes a minimum attempt to be disloyal, almost sinfull, against any mode of sociological analysis, especially under the flickering light of a kicking soul, and its representations. To answer that is to what bursts, beyond what is left after the kick and its kinky process. On the level of fantasy the non-immagined takes place: the mortal collapsible of space / time is pulled back, only to be dis-jointed, dis-man-tled and reveiled again (and again, and again, and again). A projection of an itrojection, already projected and assimilated as one's own. Fantasy here silences the reality-principle, which is already one burdened with silences and the absence of logos, in an an attempt to exercise any short-lived power over the silent reality which has otherwise silenced the mute mastrubator. Existing regardless of time, rhyming just with his enclosed, chaotic vastness, as this has been appropriated from the interior space race but has no referent in his existence, what is left to him is but exactly this limited plan view of the world. The only area left ot exersice and act any fantasy, to empower any pleasure. The specific act of mastrubation, with its psychotic repetition, akin to the monologue that threatens and it's threatened, talks, if such a verb can be used anymore, to an I, which has nothing ahead to look forward to. Only what is below. Only that plan view is left, and with it a launch-pad for its renovation. And that it's him.

The repetitive stabbing, the non-stop masacre, the 'cleansing', within the limits of a legalisticly defined world, is nothing but another form of a doomed attempt of renovation. As is his jerking off.

*1712: Date of publication of Onania; or The Heinous Sin of Self Pollution, and its Frightful Consequences in both SEXES Considered, with Spiritual and Physical Advice to those who have already injured themselves by this abominable practice., and thus the early stages of the flirtation between mastrubation, as we know it, and a metaphysical understanding of medicine. The above-mentioned mastrubation is probably one in a long series of such acts that stand as exemplary oppositions to such a positioning of mastrubation in the contemporary, urban, world.

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