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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

† (simulacrum)

She called me to say, he had died. I could barely hear her voice. "Hold on, hold on", NO / NO /NO, not again (days of October 2004, days of November 1995, days of August 1900). Days of no more days of our enfants. Is this what he meant with the end of history, are we there, are we here? Could it only be a simulacrum, a DisneyLand death. "Hold on, hold on". We are left re-enacting scenarios that have already taken place already, once more, everyday. Re-enacting his texts, before and beyond the orgy. (it can't be real). For how long will he be dying? Has the TV broadcasted his death? Has anyone else other than the TV? Perhaps a sequel, perhaps a science fiction of his death, perhaps, perhaps; "we are obliged to replay the same scenarios precisely because they have already taken place" (it can't be real)


mondo said...

το έμαθα και γω μέσω γερμανικής η-εφημερίδας, αφού ούτε η guardian ούτε o independent έχουν ανακοινώσει κάτι. sad, sad, sad.

christos said...

ti ennoeis h-efimeridas? en iparxei st'alitheia? :)

mondo said...

hihihi, μα νομίζεις????

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