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Monday, April 30, 2007

Da Sein In Da Haus, Ja

Ee on ar(e) left (to be undisclosed; asila? or perhaps, en kala pou sou lalo) who is see thee pheaemus (Was heisst der Grund fur diese alethea?) […] Yes, but there is in what you mention a certain spatiality which does not precede […] it is, for example, in this dimension (and up, you see? up, yes, you see big tank on roof, yes, all house have one, make zivania, you know zivania? very nice, you put, you drink, ooh) that the question of the schemata is passed on by Kant, even on to Heidegger, as the question of the conditions for the ecstatic relating of Dasein to Sein – (notice for example German capitalization and the miscarriage of capital) […] and is it not precisely in this, the act of tourism, that this return of the schematic (as a bizarre formation of the a priori in motion, c.f. Aristotle on qualitative motion) emerges [the tourism of dying, being-(ee-jumping-)toward-death, ouiiiii]? Is it not then, precisely, or would it be possible for one to say, of the structure of the holy-day resort [from Holderlin’s imaginary temples to Heidegger’s movements from cabin to cabinet], that it is that which makes possible that questioning of the conditions of the possibility of interrogating the house, of beginning to approach the question of dwelling?


christos said...

oi gie mou..

mondo said...

από όλο το κείμενο έχω μία απορία jester, τι σημαίνει zivania? ;)

jester said...

e oi, oi.
zivania = 45%+ alcohol

Anonymous said...

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