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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Postcards from a revolution

Lympian Proletariat, 17 April 2007


shashoura said...


alexandra said...

probably the coolest uprising cyprus has ever seen?

Demetris said...

And at once the dullest and the most banal copy-paste iconography of uncommitted hot air. Do they really care about the actual problems XYTY will bring, or about their in extenso loss of potential parking space (with a pool) of daughters' and grand-childrens' Mitsubishi L200s 'close by'?

The thing is Lympiwtes have a long tadition of burning vehicles. Their lampratzias for example are genuine public offerings to the god of Honda Chaly and other scooteresque motorbikes. They do after all live under the constant sublimation of their desire to 'move on' -stuck between the Larnaca highway and the Turkish army. Spice these up with the general post-1999 submission-cum-social rumble and voila: a dramatic halt to mobility as such.

The geographic handicap reconcidered via appropriated enviromental concerns. Are we entering Cypriot post-modern politics? Yet we still want to bury and hide our rubbish (which has an immediate adverse effect, in complete oppositionto the disappearance willed for). While spending 40 millions on Chinese 'cannons' and getting really hyped about fucking up the Mediterranean even more.

drakouna said...

Εγώ δηλαδή που μου φακκά αυτή η συμπεριφορά έγινα μικροαστή? Μπουρζουά?

Demetris said...

Ts. Nousimi.

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