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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Transversal vibrations

'For example, we have developed an artistic and a literary culture. Nevertheless, the ideals of technological culture remain underdeveloped and therefore outside of popular culture and the practical ideals of democracy. This is also why society as a whole has no control over technological developments. And this is one of the gravest threats to democracy in the near future. It is, then, imperative to develop a democratic technological culture. Even among the elite, in government circles, technological culture is somewhat deficient. I could give examples of cabinet ministers, including defence ministers, who have no technological culture at all. In other words, what I am suggesting is that the hype generated by the publicity around the Internet and so on is not counter balanced by a political intelligence that is based on a technological culture. For instance, in 1999, Bill Gates not only published a new book on work at the speed of thought but also detailed how Microsoft's 'Falconview' software would enable the destruction of bridges in Kosovo. Thus it is no longer a Caesar or a Napoleon who decides on the fate of any particular war but a piece of software! In short, the political intelligence of war and the political intelligence of society no longer penetrate the technoscientific world. Or, let us put it this way, technoscientific intelligence is presently insufficiently spread among society at large to enable us to interpret the sorts of technoscientific advances that are taking shape today.'

From Ctheory interview with Paul Virilio


Demetris said...

Meanwhile in the Revolutionary Bureau:

Δάκτυλο ο δονητής!

Πολύ αμφιβάλλω κατά πόσον τα δημοσιεύματα περί τηλεκατευθυνόμενου δονητή που παρεμβαίνει στις συχνότητες της Εθνικής Φρουράς ευσταθούν. Μάλλον θα πρόκειται για βρετανικό δάκτυλο! Μην πτοείστε Κύπριοι ενδιαφερόμενοι, αγοράστε άφοβα, στο κάτω-κάτω χρησιμοποιήστε το δονητή στο manual, στο οποίο διαθέτουμε μεγαλύτερη πείρα και έτσι θα αποφευχθούν οποιαδήποτε ατυχήματα. Μ.Χ.

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computer illiterate cabinet minister said...

I want a word with you two, jester and virilio!!!

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