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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A notion of endism lures itself about today. An undertanding of limits as the interuption hatred as a nationistic residue propagates, alongside the necessary mourning. The necessary absence, that is. The anniversary lyrics sing the song not uttered. Recollected only in epiphanies over the ironing board are those attempts, around that exact same time of the songs issue, to construct a spatial familiality around sounds, or around sounds that would at least silence the soundtrack that was had remained - as all soundtracks - irreversably registered. A soundtrack which has never been erased, neither form the registry of the medium nor from its precise technological registration; yet those sounds, whose lyrics were remembered alongside a trembling, at the limit, have strained, as any listening does, to do.
The persistant innability - their honest unsuitability only just made clear - has however underscored that mirrored residue of abominance. An attempt by songs to poems of Dionysios Solomos, across the same medium, hit the wall (of the drawer). The discource is now one of (always already meta-theological in this case, in this space) endism.


mondo said...

endism? έχω γίνει ένα με τη ζέστη, για ποια όρια μιλάμε?

κάτσε μισό να συναρμολογηθώ για να σου απαντήσω...

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