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Monday, August 20, 2007

Dear Ombiouhi (A Publicly Announced Private Invitation)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Boys and Girls,
Readers and Writers,
Ninjas and Samurais,

It has come to my attention that many of us, if not all, shall be in the United Kingdom this coming academic year.

Therefore, Hence, And so, Thus, Consequently, As a result,

food must be arranged

I propose a Saturday soiree, or a Sunday brunch, please be aware that this does not mean we must necessarily limit our time spent on food and drink consumption, indeed I expect nothing less than a full six or seven hours of decadence.

Place: TBA (Options include the Hydra (akousa oti eshei foukou jame), picnic in an Oxford park, his or hers latest and greatest apartment rental, Paris)
Date: I suggest early October (akoueis re Christo? Jai si enna'rtis, oi pellares).
Menu: TBA (Highly Desired and Recommended: sheftalies made with panna from the Selfridges butcher.)

Don't forget to RSVP.
But please don't stain the carpet.


elena said...

Hear! Hear!

christos said...

elexthin pws o kwstis enna miniskei monos tou fetos. ate, pale ekanonisa sas. theme: french revolution? (demetrie afinw to panw sou)

Demetris said...

Poia foukoun olan? En BBQ pou ehoun, pojeini me to kapajin, oi foukoun. Akoueis jai sy pellares.
(O psistis omws en polla kalos, polla kalos.)

Jai eimasten twra emeis athrwpoi gia ta parka jai tis varkes? Aman en eshi kougrin konta na spasei i potsa sou wraia wraia, na sou fyei to potiri pou mes ta sherka wspou na peis cashel blue, logiete gia party? Aman en eshei topo na paiei i xeni i kopela na syrei kanenan kourin na ponystaxei, aman en eshei ypnodwmation na strepsei to plasma anenias, oi pe mou, en party?

Valei se polla mesa tounto Paris pou laleis omws. Eidika etsi opws to parousiazeis: "his or hers latest and greatest apartment rental, Paris"

Christo mas, epira ta pere katharistirio, idi.

Bring out the Claret!

Constantinos said...

xristo xristo, pou pote egines xristakis? Thelete na ferete + ta rouxa sas na egkainiasete to plintirio mou? Having said that, to house warming party sto neo mou flat (me to kalo) en dedomeno + (pale me to kalo) kapou sta mesa semptemvriou so ladies and germanies this is another publicly announced private invitation. As for the Ombion gathering, the concrete element is essential. No grass bullshit and in any case it is too late for the strawberry season. Also no fitted flats accepted. Too soft and a pain to clean the vomit or other stains (see 13 Northington Str. / January 2004). Hm...

christos said...

oh, and, there will be no merlot. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_vGuWYZF2U)
maybe pinot, or cabernet for the prosaic:

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