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Friday, October 12, 2007

Spectres Transpondered

Or Raison d'etre for New Division

(...)But punk never quite reached the suburbs here in the same way that it did in England, and so, many people (including my father) missed out on its lesson: that you didn't have to aim high to become extraordinary, that rudimentary was more than enough for transcendence to be possible. (...)

Ένα θα σου πω
Μπορεί να ήσουν η αφορμή
Μα η αιτία παραμένω εγώ


Ό,τι και να πεις
Στην άκρη του μυαλού σου θα ενεδρεύω
Tώρα πια θα δεις
Για χρόνια το μυαλό σου θα παιδεύω


mondo said...

μετά τιμής,

η μνήμη σου

Demetris said...

Akriveia hartosimou metavivasis.

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