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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Other Bibliography

...not codified into the conventional...

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"The f(r)iction with the Real guarantees a critical relationship - far from the instruments of power we nevertheless need to deal with. Those who still attempt to associate it with the future of the masses, toward their emancipation and activism on a macro-level always finish in the dustbin of academism. Today we know it."
Francois Roche, 'Don't Fuck With Authorshiplessness', 2002

"If universities have a vital social function, it is to form intellectuals. If intellectualas have a function, it is to generate 'ideas'. 'Ideas' are a form of political and cultural imagination that can guide societies as they seek to manage change."
Paul Hirst, Education and the Production of Ideas' IN AAfiles 29, pp. 44-5

"Architecture is not important. Life is what's important."
Oscar Niemeyer

"Only the Other can write my love story, my novel."
Roland Barthes, 'A Lover's Discourse', p. 93

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