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Monday, February 18, 2008

Subversive message or a great unintentional mock

The couple - even though my wine eats my liver out to spit the word Chinese or Asian off my mouth especially the male one, and jumping to the credits it is disclosed to one that the production is of Armenian descendancy - in the plot of the film named Cypriot couple, untimely of its time rushing after marriage because they were not rushing earlier and now they rush and they don't reach - a metonymy of "better safe than sorry" in collaboration with "Agami Thite" - or rude words about early pregnancy or even student no-badget productions based on friendly assistance including non-actors and nonon-film-makers utilizing the video planet as their refuge - one's eye shines though, like shinobi's sword, on the determinant fragment of a frame rather than the whole. An unintentional accident, an overgaze from the continuity / set design manager or even subversive signatures and flags from third waves. Unknown to us, and of little relevance. Second 59 is the frame 223 of the assassination undertaken. Zapruder, Zapruder! "Edw" according to Kosiaris "Na efxaristisoume ta paidia katw sto conntrol. O agwnas kaliptete apo 28 cameres + 3 geranous simera, apokleistika mono gia tous sindromites tis LTV, i LTV panta dipla sto Kypriako podosfairo" i LTV, i LTV, i LTV, i Nea Orleani, i Nea Orleani, i Nea Orleni, i Nea Kypseli sti Nea Orleani (L. Khlahdonis) Yet the short with side pockets duration video, like the trousers of the British Empire's policemen, under interrogation is stalked by a single camera. Others have talked about multiplicity of angles, allow me to name it monopoly of viewpoint. Immerse. Cyclope, alas, you thought you will be the King in the blind's kingdom. But what a noisy, what an unsound thought.
A choice (accidental, not significant?) has been made for this early capture of the (a) Cypriot couple-coupling to cast a UN audi. Unspeakable. A bicommunal snippet or another SEKIN maneuvre? A Fight Club trickery or a heterogenity to thought? Flat tire Coffee Ananas and manipulation by a third birthday party with the supplement of a lug nut wrench and the posted , stamped hit of the hub cap (to tasi - a well known target of petty criminals and small time crooks). No compromises! No Famagusta in sales! No Tangarines and Mandarine Chinese for "Portokallies tou Karava pou kamnoun portokkallia". No Mesaoria, but the full tendorium of "Our borders are in Kyrenia". And yet the monty pythesque bicyclish-man car-man - the engine god, and car engineering consultant, the salvador from a certain violation - has been engaged with orange thieving - a very well known national sport - second only to hunting - covering a wide variety of birdy-birdy-nums-nums from pournelles to klimatofilla, and from papoutsosika to mespila (nobody has yet claimed authorship over snails / karaolous). Is the Ananas plan the base for reconciliation given a few happy slappies on its hubby cappy, or did the late moustache (fourth in the row, left out from K. Papagiwrgis) drove full speed (fuspi), head on to crash the negotiations ("na 'ttoumpari' tis diapragmatevseis")? Or was always already the Silverstone of the race like Armeniou Avenue? (famous for its "never use it on your bike" and yet "agrotis is round the corner" + the famous Luna Park that's no longer there). The couple-coupling is foreign to language and misgiving to its army and its navy ("a language to be official needs to have an army and a navy", a dialect then?). An Armenian conspiracy. Ararat Alas! Unforgetable pastourmali and laxmatsiun. It can't be; wars are fought for religion not for food, right? Egoyan, Egoyan! Summers at Costantia. Costantia at Summers. The "I had a fight with a gay in the ministry of culture" puppet of bicommunal-projects founding monopoly invading home videos. Family viewing supra-looked by the ancestor of family and of viewing. "Aaaaa Makarios!" in Chinese accent.
Undoubtly, the nails are still on the chair; and they are hot like charcoal.

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