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Friday, May 09, 2008

Inky Opiates

St. Dupont Neo Classique President Fountain Pen with 4GB USB Stick
1000Euros (excluding VAT) from colette.fr.
Cocaine and all that crap.


Baron Cosimo said...

Man, u just gave me a hard-on (me tin kali ennoia).

roam365 said...

Να βάλουμε ούλλοι που λλία τζαι να σου την γοράσουμε στα γενέθλια σου...

Demetris said...

@roam: Bon idea!!
9 tou Fevrari.
Paw na siderwsw twra.

@baron cosimo: eshei ji allin? :)

Sraosha said...

Αν δεν την πιάσω (την πέννα) στο χέρι μου να της κάνω ένα test wriDe, δεν επενδύω... ;-)

Demetris said...

@sraosha: That would be to confuse opulence for practicality.

Noullis said...

This has to stop.

Demetris said...

Tried telling him that. My good, my golden - nothing he.
Tell him also.

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