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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

84 1/2

Eshei 2 mitsious jai paizoun mes s' ena hwrafi.
Gyrizei o enas jai lalei tou allou: "Re, poso hronwn eisai?"
"Eeee, en ixerw - 5? 6?", lalei tou o allos
"5 oxa 6 re?"
"Eeee, en ixerw - 5? 6?"
"Kala re en ixereis poso hronwn eisai?"
"Re, pineis?"
"En 5 pou eisai kalo"

George Der Parthogh 1923 - 2008


Yervant der Parthogh said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the tributes I have been reading and watching all week, this was a great man, with a big heart who loved Cyprus and did everything for his Armenian community. I know because I was following his reports in the CW in the fight to save the Melkonian. Will it continue?

Maria Emmanuel said...

we will miss him walking along Parthenonos, Eleftherios Venizelos & Iroon streets in Ayios Antreas. AlthoughI I didnt really know him personaly I associated him with my neighbourhood as he enriched the poor public space with his unique persona. And he never complained about the noisy Highgate school opposite his house because he liked kids. (unlike a lot of rich guys who are using their connections and influence to force this progressive multicultural school away from the upcoming Ayios Antreas area.

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