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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oi alloi nomizeis etsi kamnoun?

I shall, ws itheste, enter with an exit. A renown Hegelian approach to the primordialllity of the pure act / the prior movement, to corporeality, compressing the farewell of the self as one by it-self to it-self, altering the ostensible differánce the Aristotelian authority has established between the pasxein and the energein, I shall maneuver a farewell to E3w en kallitera, (nomizeis)? This regressive, decadent and morbid way of being [habitual, almost] of the local pseudo-introspection and qua-metacognition, upon which the local perception of art has been founded and sustained, envisions only the limited capacities of its potentials to simply fulfill (as thought a poly-fill) those parameters pre-chickenwired by simple external stimuli as though the organism of Cypriot art is a passive receiver, incompetent of decoding, assimilating and differentiating (from) the external pulses. The chickenwirization of itself by external determinations in a progress of paralytic, elliptic or para-pewn po-codification (as though po(o)kniazomai), forces the self-claimed brave and megalomaniac titsirokaraolos who has attempted to farewell its immediate environment and ex-perience the outer atmosphere, to pleat back to its property and deal with the domestic activities. The absolutely resolved and contractually orbital relation that has been established between the itself and its other has stabilized its extraintro-plasticity leading to the concretization of the chicken wire Giati nomizeis stin evrwpi en diaforetika? Eeee, eimaste mitsi nisi has been the esxato moment of regression. The heart of the Cypriot art, on a primary level, pumps blood to a pair of lungs that never inhales and to an intestine that never excretes.
I want to talk about a friend (not the one I promised to I will). He does not work at Vasiliko nor is he a doctor. We need not to know what his profession is as long as we are aware that he is friend of Liberty. One more exit, before the curtains go up or left and right: I am young. And inexperienced. And I shall always be, it seems. On top of that I haven’t joined the army which throws me without second thought (or shall I say without thought at all) into the “if…then…don’ts”. That, simply to excuse my friend, the friend of liberty – unfortunately it is only your son’s son that is twice your son and not your friend’s friend that is twice your friend – for denying my request to make use of some of his toys. They are mine is the name of the player who never passes the ball (pasarei), thelei na ta kamnei oulla monos tou and on top of that, he is kistimenos. Unfortunately in the Stand de Cypriot art under the reign of good will (another morbid regulation of the game) kistima is never triggered thus apoxwrisei might be difficult to achieve. In fact, that is by no means the aim. So, my friend, the friend of Liberty who wants na ta kamei oulla monos tou (needless to say with shin guards or sxigkarts) did not pass me the ball when I requested so (back in Christmas) and thus he accelerated (demarrage) towards the end of the season (in May) to expose his trophies. But, he is (not by me) excused for not passing the ball, since I am an “if…then…don’t”
Even though in Premier League the hardest month is December, in Cyprus February is of critical importance. After the winter transfers season in January, when everyone is given a second chance, in February i periodos xaritos is over and everyone is judged once more. The great hope of this Cypriot sport outside (e3w) who has been playing in Germany for the last season (and is not Aloneftis), and on whom my friend has invested, was invited by a renown star of the international circles of the sport where Maradona once used to live for an important trial. This great hope is fully certified that is by no means in the “if…then…don’t”’s club and that is why my friend of Liberty has in the past come to various agreements with (even though under bargain conditions).
Ok, so my friend of liberty, neither inhales nor excretes. Kofkei Chiekkia, though. And he buys all sorts of toys which he enjoys playing with by himself. Then he kofkei more chiekkia to bring friends over, play together, get their goody bags and go home, probably thinking that they got a better goody bag deal from the previous parties (let’s say in Basel, or Paris or in New York). And yet, like any wedding invitation it produces the disphoria of having to attend without choice, be present with your envelope and have to gossip about the menu. It has not been possible to find out what was in the goody bag, but it was most probably loukoumi rather than any of his toys, or even a replica, a souvenir. It seems then that the toys he exchanges for chiekkia remain in his toy room and are denied any opportunity of being exposed or exported and displayed in other cabins. So I found very recently, at least, from the great hope, who is a friend of mine and a friend of my friend who is a friend of liberty. That it was not only I that was denied the pass of the ball, but the great hope too, and moreover that was her ball.

Pepse ton pellon tziai lamne ta piswn tou. Irten makris o kavallos niko mou, tziai en na ton patiseis na mproumouttistis.

Ps. En na piasw season ticket tis omonoias tou xronou.


the Idiot Mouflon said...

Τζι' εγώ εθώρουν όνειρο εψές ότι του χρόνου θα τα πάει καλά ο λαός. Αφλατοξίνες;

Anonymous said...

loliz:) exis apistefti fasua!xxx

Anonymous said...


iparxi (sto kimeno)mia epanalipsi tis 'katastasis' me ton stolismo twn tropewn, je twn leftwn=tou agorasmenou, pou touto kamni (athela sou mallon) ti zigaria tis topothetisis na vari sto 1 (gia ton anagnwsti)

Alla en je to 2, to opio ine: en ta agorase monos tou=epoulisan tou ta. Nai?

Ara, i zigaria enen sto 1.
En je sto 1 je sto 2.

En tha krinw pas touto,epidi o kathenas oti theli kamni, an theli na poulisi, i na kamni gia na poula, en diko tou thema. En amfidromo omws. Exi 'pextes' pou ston dromo tis poulisis exasan jino pou ediksan stin arxi oti ixan na prosferoun. Jinoi pou ston dromo tis poulisis en exasan jino pou ixan na prosferoun gia mena mes tin kipro en polla llioi. Mporw na skeftw pio liga pou ta daxtila twn dio mou xeriwn. Touto en eshi omws simasia, giati opws ipa je panw, o kathenas thkialei ton dromo tou.

Anyway, an je ime is gin enalian touto to diastima en eperasa pou to gipedo to siggekrimeno, epidi en evlepa logo. En exi kati na mou protini pou na niwsw oti eprosfere mou kati. However, an miloume gia thkio diaforetika pramata, en pirazi :)

Anonymous said...

Γιατί δε χρησιμοποιείτε ελληνικούς χαρακτήρες, βρε;

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