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Sunday, January 25, 2009

But the lil children know
They listen to the beating of their blood


Baron Cosimo said...

It's a disgrace really. A bullfighter that deserves its name needs to be of a certain age, because this art form demands the awareness that without a certain mood for mourning, without a certain appreciation of loss, without a graceful acceptance of (and bowing to) the moment it cannot be the sublime blend of serving the communal tradition and asserting a dying self.

Really. Grace, mourning, death, community, time, fructures subjectivity. This is X-rated stuff.

Demetris said...

GalaXXXy: 8-12 of the second.
Over %.

Anonymous said...

dimitris i need to talk to u!:) can u provide me with ur email again?


Demetris said...


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