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Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Public Appeal

Dear Ombiouxi

As you may or may not know, my current town of residence has only neros and costas. The purchasing of a decent bean is near impossible.
So I implore you.
Next time you're at the damn bench place (see below) can you please get me a bag of espresso? I trust your taste - go Indonesian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, I don't care.
One small bag.
And send via Royal Mail.
I mean really.
How many times do I have to ask?

Warm Regards,

P.S. we are currently accepting big bags for the 15th of February.


Demetris said...

Will do; however, here, call them. (This ends morfeas9 quest too)
I ld get Brazilian - whatever is in - and that mighty Ethiopian.
And their own espresso blend is insuperable anyway.

orestis said...

i bought indian today after black bench girls recommendation. will tell you what i think tomorrow morning

elena said...

obviously noone s giving this request the seriousness that it deserves. has anyone asked for your address?

alexandra said...

well orestis is excuse-less as he actually has my address.
but the truth it, the post was placed with false hope.

orestis said...

indian is good. very good. surprisingly. kani na paraponiese. na sou stilo i ena paragileis moni sou?

alexandra said...

e akoma na tous piaw tilefono. an thelis kai mporis, nai stil mou.

orestis said...

ground for? stovetop?

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