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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Now will you listen?

"For better or worse, the buildings of the 1960s were designed from the inside out. Even the most reviled of blocks contain spacious apartments. Even the most alarming crumbling concrete hulks have residents who will say: 'But they're lovely inside.'
The new blocks are designed from the outside in, irregular windows and brightly-coloured cladding hide the tiny, mean proportions and a total lack of planning for human use."

Nasty, Short and Brutalist on the BBC. Tune in.


Anonymous said...

nice! tropical urbanisms

the Idiot Mouflons said...

Gimme Bucky-domes...

Demetris said...

'Ενθα απέδρα οδύνη, λύπη και στεναγμός.

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