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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Chinese Cracker ("It's all Greek to me!")

"...[M]ethod can really bear only on the means of loosening, baffling, or at the very least, of lightening this [inevitable] power....[T]he fundamental operation of this loosening method is, ... fragmentation, digression, or, to put it ina preciously ambiguous word, excursion....[T]o resemble the comings and goings of a child playing beside his mother, leaving her, returning to bring her a pebble, a piece of string, and thereby tracing around a calm center a whole locus of play within which the pebble, the string come to matter less than the enthusiatic giving of them." Roland Barthes, Inaugural Lecture. College de France, January 7, 1977

Oh c'mon! Go-sip! It's just a matter of mastear, 'init?

Dioti 'Parayi veren dudugu calar', ma ontas 'Dedigi dedik dudugu duduk!'

Dem[cekmek]: idou i riza tou kakou ('The piano has been drinking...')

Tesekur ederim! (Am)

[ps! esxcuse the punctuation - i'm missing kirkilouthkia, as if these were not enough!]

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