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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Kerouac deli mi?

"'Whatever I say Ben, dont mind it, I'm just a fool'----'You said in 1957 in the grass drunk on whiskey you were the greatest thinker in the world'----'That was before I fell asleep and woke up: now I realize I'm no good at all and that makes me feel free' ----'You're not even free being no good, you better stop thinking, that's all'----'I'm glad you visited me today, I think I might have died'----'It's all your fault'----'What are we gonna do with our lives?'----'Oh,' he says, 'I dunno, just watch em I guess'----"

Big Sur Kerouac (164)


"'Aint nothin wrong with old Nietzche'----''Xcept he went mad too'----'Do you think I'm going mad?'----'Ho ho ho' (hearty laugh)" (162).

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