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Friday, October 01, 2004

Freidag angst

And I have many fragments, less worth? Less worth?

In das bedhen. OuI. Pou allou durethring dis verklarte nacht, jai atona. 4509pavla98256pavla2. 1CD. A- Shoiros, Lountza, Tsamarela, tin freetag tous, while if we were Fightine or (again they man with the lonely arm could say) Againtine to carvouno tha dietiritoun treemerka. Isws, mes to anthos tou kafe. Re filouin mou xereis lia egglezika; Nai. Sioura xereis; Ti theleis re mastre; Ela na piasw mian kopelan jai na tis miliseis jai perimenw tin dame stin ekklisia. Afeeken don sexilon - hihihihihihih. Eshei mian jame sti gwnia. Ham. 678. Lernear. Wp!osscisite tou mouchohtari. Taxidiwtika Engrapha & Diefkolinseed. Ladwmena myrwmena. Kathe diadikasia rapsimatos, emperiehei mesa tin prosmoni, to if, tou asmatos. Asenjaiseriehtijion. Oi, oi, en alli touti - ela. T' onoma sou; Stavros. "Eh, Mr Stavros" (pause Yeh!) is waiting for you at the church." "No," irta -pou to haraman tou fou re archopelle / enw emeis epoienamen stegnoi! Ah!- perki evrw kammian kinezooan. Etsi, that's it, mellontike ethnosecretery: geo kai nomismatikographeki diaforopoisi tou epi plerwmis patta kai ung oliges voles, tou hatta. Ph d, em? "no church - olimpiakos!" E' ston olympiako mastre. Oooo - jai pou xerw gio pou olympiakon? Twra to arwma tou kourou jai tou blue johny to be palying hand prostibill the very lot we could not are feaghting -the previous freudi-oooooo!-karouzian mystake i am troubled if to change, that is give its pound back, But say I want to , say I take your whole bag of tricks, / Let in your quirks and tweeks, and say the thing's an art-form, / Your Sordello -"But Pound, and my Pound?"-, and that the modern world / [write this time!] Needs such a rag-bag to stuff all its thought in; / Memoari of BS Johnson Say that I dump my catch, shiny and silvery / As fresh sardines Fuck! Exihasa na paw sto rwssiko o salonikios gia ta psssssarouthkia tis mmmmpyras! flapping and slipping on the marginal cobbles? / (I stand before the booth, the speech; but the truth / Is inside the discourse- Regges Afka Faches Panjarka. -krasidem- this booth is full of the marrow of / wisdom.) / Give up th' intaglio method. Inc.-Inc.-Inc. the word.

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