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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

D/amazing post (Homage to you two of SUNDAY)

Small talk comes from small bones

Pseudo-coilision me ton Pound anemothoraka kai ton agkwna engraphon svistiri sta van tou fournou. As en kala ta pothkia mas, afou o nous ehathin,and in all my mind / Not even a child's wit can I find / Such in her presence I become / Surely some kindness should start up / In her sight of such plight. na menei kai i entopia mas sofia dipla pou tin Sophia tou 23. Post-Cypriot. I cyprus post. Meta tin phwni, sta dexia mas, 1:29+kati psila, apo tin 14 anatoliki kai 60th street, sta 130 hronia tou Winston,[ZEI] diava-zei etsi gymnos o selidodeiktis, hwris tragoudi, ap' ta vivlia me ta pente asterakia:

While our fates twine together, sate we our eyes with love;
For long night comes upon you
and a day when no day returns.
Let the gods lay chains upon us
so that no day shall unbind them.

Fool who would set a term to love's madness,
For the sun shall drive with black horses,
earth shall bring wheat from barley,
The flood shall move towards the fountain
Ere love know moderations,
The fish shall swim in dry streams.

No, now while it may be, let not the fruit of life cease.

Dry wreathes drop their petals,
their stalks are woven in baskets,
To day we take the great breath of lovers.
to morrow fate shuts us in.

Thouh you give all your kisses
you give but a few.

Kai pio panw, 537:12
san dwro, gift, to apogevma tis fasarias, dwsmeno meta ta pota mias tetartis:
Eyes are the guides of love

Apenanti, st' aristera i Kypros. Na, des! To Idalia
ta mnemosyna tis niotis pou egkainiazei o erastis tis Phrosous, a!

You, sometimes, will lament a lost friend
For it is a custom:
This care for past men

All things are given over, / Only the restless will / Surges amid the stars / Seeking new moods of life / New permutations...

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