A kind of a "dangerous supplement", marked, scarred on a body, post-orgasmically, always, already in anticipation of (a) crisis OR for a desert avec 'agape'. Mindb(l)ogg(l)ing Noise. "Avalanche, would you share my last pursuit?" (Baudelaire)

Sunday, December 19, 2004

leaving befor(e)

twra\pou irthe i wra - oh i'm not a quitter: teleuteo tsigaro me ladia ksidia, to anw ke to koufon, odos mia panw ke auti, The way upward and the way downward are the same... I am here / Or there, or elsewhere, feugontas gia mia alli megali niso, epistrofi sto va/eto, every attempt is a wholly new
division - see you soon in another cartoon

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