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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Helsinki Jotter s\t

1. Nordenskioldinkatu, Pasila mornings
2. for Flann O'Brien (Holloway Rd. - Pimplico apr. - jul. 2006) (+ for Karen O \ Jonathan Ross)
3. (s) march open windows
4. kling klong, kling klong (sonic youth)
5. There is no evidence that Yves Klein was injured when leaping into the void
6. Helsinki 1(Night on Earth)
7. Να σπαζω αθασια στο Βερολινο
8. Monday, 10 June 2003 (Nottingham, early in the morning) (x)
9. Acton - Brussels return
10. Mannerheimintie
11. Οψιμος Νικος
12. for an aircrash at Amarillo, TX
13. Honda Integra (+) (dear operator can you provide Σιγανιδης, urgently)
14. invalid info
15. (r) Malet str. Λονδινο
16. Jerusalem Tavern, 55 Britton Street, Clerkenwell, LONDON, EC1M 5UQ (for the one in the picture, my likeness my brother, Paris \ Παρισι, Christos)
17. Soustou klwstou father mother sister brother
18. ombion


Demetris said...

Yiouhou! Aerodromia. Mia nea rapsodia

Poia photografia?

christos said...

ma eshi je etsi? kwsta kwsta (m) (none) (always-past perfect) I wish I had been in Finland, too. Studio Cambridge, ah mikri mou poloneza.

Demetris said...

En na se kamei me tis anjougies jai en se voura i Tina Turner pou pisw, twra na deis!

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