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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Itenary, to loipon. O Ralph Fiennes sta gennethlia mou. To aghos tis mias zwis. Grilled kipper with two poached eggs. Toast and tea. Poire William. 5 + 2 cocktails. Nearing the legend, afougrazwmenoi to irwiko. Dwro me angostura. Proponisi sta martini. Kerasakia. Cauliflower soup, beetroots. Roast Forerib (beautifully rare) with mustardy strips of celeriac. Krasi. Nero. Me too.

Thanks. Apla pramata.

Xanakentrare. San tin efhi stin tarta.


Noullis said...

All good things leave with the promise of the next time.

Angostura OLE!!

Demetris said...

I ll drink to that.

Anonymous said...

Telika D. 8a mou peis me pion tropo 8a sou steilw email pou 8elw?

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