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Saturday, February 24, 2007

five short and sweet

1) i was born on a pancake day. i started making pancakes at age 8. i made some this morning.

2) i can read roald dahl, calvin and hobbes, and michael rosen over and over and over. they are the basis from which my love of literature grew.

3) klano polla sixna, alla eimai siouri oti jai seis klanete polla sixna.

4) ama gnorizo kapion yia 1h fora skeftome se pontous. p.x. eshei terastia vammena nishia me svarovsky pramatouthkia pano? -20 pontous. Paizei mousiko organo? +10. Forei campers? +10 Gela? +15. en gela? -1000 and so on and so forth.

5) eperasa mian fasi opou en eforousa esorouxa yia kanena thkio mines epidi evriska ta polla kourastika.

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