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Friday, February 23, 2007

The proper urinal has elbow-resting areas.
Even though you can barely see them.


senso said...

I think you can barely see the rest of the urinal, where is it??

Demetris said...

Opws thwreis, katw.
But it is not about the beer anyway.

senso said...

the beer, anyway??

Demetris said...

The beer. You know? The beer, the liquid? What treacles?

Anyway: It is an exemplary urinal. A proposed model for all urinals from now on. A sketch of the future of peeing.

[P.J. Clarke's - 3rd at 55th.
Chest level phonecamera image - that's why.]

senso said...

"the future of peeing" now that's a promising title for the new industrial copies of a work of art similar to the dadaist urinal. functionally nothing changes except the pot, that's all we can do.

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