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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Letter from America

(Or Why I Dig Adorno)

When it comes to enclosed spaces in New York City there must be an aural conspiracy aiming to disensitized the listener and subsequently provoke and nurture the viewer. The 'one who sees' ["Do you see?"]. For what other reason would one play John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" in a personal shopping area of an upmarket shop, why would Depche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence" be blasting out of a chaotic discount store's sound system, and why is the near- ambient music of a self proclaimed "Bistrot a Vins" - with, admitedly, an impressive wine list- be Milli Vanilli?


christos said...

i Enwsi Newn Paralimniou eshi enan pekti pou ton laloun Adorno.

senso said...

yet, according to an enclosed space you also get an enclosed vision regardless of detail. not only hearing but also vision is desensitised. they aim at moulding both for obvious reasons.

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