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Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Artist as Developer: Bibliographical Remarks

"...Effectively looting and recycling devalued property, subcultures, resources and public space for the benefit of an incoming elite, gentrification continues to take place in a remarkably similar form in ‘world cities’ and provincial capitals across the globe. In areas like Shoreditch and its peers around the globe, the cosmetic renewal of a portion of the crumbling urban core coincides with continued – or intensified – infrastructural decline. The reactivation of dormant (or low profit sweatshop-occupied) industrial properties first as artist’s spaces and later as bars, boutiques, apartments etc has made many landlords even richer, but the area’s large tracts of public housing, services and transport facilities remain in a deteriorating condition and/or are sold off to the private sector..."

From Shoreditch and the creative destruction
of the inner city
, by Benedict Seymour

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