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Thursday, March 15, 2007

For all p, there is a p such that p is either q or not-q, where q stands for between half a kilo and 50 okkaes. If and only if p equals q, then for all q place x spoons of oil on a pan and heat gently, adding garlic, cream and butter arbitrarily. Throw in q and stir until your kitchen is on fire. If not-q, then repeat until q.

[a recipe that produces itself (a kitchen-Quine), a recipe for making recipes, the recipe of all recipes (how to cook and eat Russel's paradox), achilles' turtle soup (or how to catch a turtle without moving), Buridan's donkey stew, etc]

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mondo said...

hey, jester πού εξαφανίστηκες;; οκ nice concoctions. think I'll just make an omelette of second generation feminism for supper :)

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