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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

bye bye tube map?

Legible London Free Exhibit
Wed 28th November - Sat 1st December 200710 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BY Open 10am - 4pm daily
Come and learn more about the prototype and have your say…
This exhibit provides further information on the installation of the pedestrian wayfinding scheme in the BondStreet area of Westminster.
Come along to the exhibit and:
•Learn more about the theories behind wayfinding which have led to the Legible London project
•Understand why the West End and specifically Bond Street was chosen as the prototype area
•See a replica street sign used in the pilot area as part of the wayfinding system
•Give feedback on the scheme and wayfinding in LondonAll visitors to the venue will be able to pick up a free copy of the new publication ‘The Yellow Book’ which is a summary of the project so far and its importance to London.
There will also be the opportunity to view theprototype signs in the Bond Street area.

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The Over ground tube building offices are right next to Dobson Close. Hehehehe. Cool huh!!

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